Friday, October 31, 2008


I give a pretty good pedicure. I have been doing it for fun for friends for a while, but just recently decided it would be fun to offer it to anyone. For $20, I will do salt(or sugar) scrub, callous remover, massage, cuticle therapy, any design you want(rhinestones included). Since usually it ends up being like $40 bucks when you go get a pedi, I decided that I would help people save money, and offer my services for pretty cheap(I think). If you're interested, drop me a line.

So, I was watching Grey's Anatomy tonight, and I got out my kids trunk-or-treat candy, and had a little binge, and now it is nearly 3 am, and I am wired! I have been pretty good about limiting the sugar lately, so I think my body has no idea what to do with it! I am soooo tired, and I can't sleep! Help!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I want to throw up.

If you are wondering why I can't keep up on housework, here's why...
I go to get dressed, come back and there is my smiling boy, in the pantry, eating cereal with a full container of Italian Bread crumbs spilled everywhere! I guess we won't be having chicken parmesan any time soon!
And I turn for 2 seconds, and where is the bottom rack of the dishwasher? On the floor you say? That's a great place for it, Brody. Thanks for the help. Finding the silverware rack took a little bit longer! Punk!
This new skill was just aquired this afternoon. Now he can empty more than just the bottom 2 drawers!
And I had to include this... She is totally asleep, chin propped up and everything! How can that be comfortable? By the way, that is MY cinderella costume she's wearing.
So last night I was on the computer, and Brody came in to destroy the room (this is his pattern, follow me around and destroy all in his path). Well before I could stop him he picked up my external hard-drive and dropped it. It made a funny noise, and now my computer doesn't see it. No big deal, except ALL MY PICTURES AND DATA ARE ON IT, AND NO WHERE ELSE!!! I am praying that there is some way to retrieve the data. I would be so sad if all the pictures from the last 5 years were lost forever! Little punk. He is so into everything right now, it's making me nuts!

My sister-in-law Annie called me this morning to tell me about her sweet little Callin's near drowning the other day. He is just 2 weeks younger than Brody. SO blessed that he is ok. Makes me hold my little terroizer a little closer, and just be glad that he is here to torment me! I'll pick up his messes forever!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Let's make it a birth-week!!

So I have been trying to forget about my birthdays the last couple of years because I keep getting older, and it is just not a happy thing for me. But last Wednesday was my birthday, and I am officially 29 :( Luckily a few people made it really fun for me. With Zach's schedule, I don't get to go do fun things very much, and so any excuse to party was welcome! Wednesday I went to lunch with 2 of the best sister-in-laws anyone could ask for. Then Friday I went to dinner with a bunch of girlfriends and then to a movie. It was a blast! I love getting together with girls, it is just so fun. The movie we saw was so funny, too! I haven't belly-laughed like that in a theater in a long time! We stayed out way too late, but it was worth it! Then Saturday morning I went to brunch with some more friends. SOOO good! Seriously, the best gift ever was just to be with fun people and talk and laugh. So for all of you who made it so fun for me, thanks, and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT'S RETARDED!!! I guess you had to be there...