Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What the HELLLL!!!???

Excuse my language. But seriously. I just got some news about someone I love that broke my heart. I feel like hell is just right here, on this earth with us. WHY do we let things into our lives that will hurt us, and those we love??? Why do we do it? It's not like those things actually bring us any happiness, even hardly momentarilly! They add to our misery. Why do we put things ahead of our spouses, children, family and true friends? We know they will hurt us in the end, and we still do it. I am terrified for my children. I am so discouraged that there isn't any chance that they will be able to make it through this life and be happy, confident, good, honest, caring, compassionate human beings. Satan is right here with us, and I am freaking pissed at him! There is an epidemic of selfishness right now, and I am not saying at all in any way that I do not suffer from selfishness, but what is with people??? All we have to do is treat others with kindness and respect and try to put their needs before our own. If we all did this, then WE WOULD ALL BE HAPPY!!! Imagine that!?
Why do we think money, worldly possessions and power will make us happy. The only thing that will bring us true joy is our relationships with the people we love. If we know this, then why do we place such importance on the other things?
Venting, sorry if you are reading this and I ruined your day/night.
I am ANGRY, sad, heartbroken, scared, and feeling so helpless right now. How do we stop this???
Wow, this not pretending everything is perfect is really nice. I can just act psycho for a little bit, let it out and feel better :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blogworthy? I think so...

I love this boy. I am not quite sure if I should worry about the girly stuff he likes to get into, or if it is just because he sees Ava liking it. Some days as a single mom are really overwhelming, and I am just not sure if I can do this. Then they do something cute, and I am so glad I am their MOMMY!