Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fairy Tale Ballet

Ava started her first dance class called Fairy Tale Ballet. Every week they learn a new dance about a new Princess Fairy Tale and it is so cute! They get to dress up and dance... What little girl would not be in heaven!? Her two favorite friends, Ruby and Taylen are in her class. Taylen is the tiny one(far left) singing and doing her own thing, Ava is next to her, then another little girl, then Ruby in purple. Ruby is quite the dancer, I might add. Her little sister Sadie just had to join in there at the end. Poor thing just wanted to dance with the big girls! Click on the link to watch the performance. Sorry, I can't get it to show up here because it is video from Carrie(who was prepared anad had her camera when I forgot mine!)


Annie & Doug said...

Hee hee that is darling! What a GREAT idea for little girls. By the way - I love the name Ruby. We'll see ya Sunday!

The Slade Family said...

Yes...that's such a cute picture! I'm glad she loves her little class! And yes...I love the name Ruby too...we had a little girl in our ward named that!