Thursday, May 1, 2008

Last Week's Fairy Tale Ballet

Last Friday the girls danced to a Little Mermaid song. Ava is getting quite good, too. I am actually surprised at her ability to follow the choreography. To me, there is nothing cuter than a bunch of little girls dancing and loving it! Her new favorite word is arabesque. WHAT?! Ava is 2nd from the right in the white tu-tu.


Alifinale said...

Ok, where have I been - this is my first time getting around to your blog! I am so happy that you have one and I can check in on your cute family. Little girls dancing is the cutest thing ever. I am way impressed with her ability to follow directions, Emery is in dance but isn't such a natural...yet.

tcandland said...

Ava is so funny, the video makes me want to have girls! I love ballet!

mandy said...

I love watching their dance clips. Carrie was slacking a bit because I hadn't seen one in a few weeks! That was such a nice comment you left-it made my day! You rock too!