Monday, May 19, 2008

Things that bug me!!!!

Ok, so any of you mom's who nursed their babies totally know what I am talkin about! My friend sent this to me and I about died! SOOO TRUE! Thank heaven for push-up bras and plastic surgery! Ha ha!

Anyway, I was just posting a comment on my friend's blog, and I had to type in the stupid string of letters where it says "This blog does not allow anonymous comments." And I thought, "How dumb is this? Seriously, any idiot can type the string of letters in front of them, it wouldn't matter whether they knew you or were a chester! Does it really make these comments any more secure? NO!" It is just something to waste my time and bug me! SO I thought I would be a whiner and make a list of the things bugging me... In no particular order.... dum da da dum...

1. Saggy boobs! It's a sick joke that is being played on my body!

2. Dumb letter strings!

3. Having a husband who works graveyards. So he's gone at night, which is a bummer, but then he is basically gone the next day, too, to sleep. No fun for the "single" mom! But I guess we are lucky he has a job, right?

4. Girls whose stomachs are flat 2 weeks after they have a baby!

5. keeping my kids quiet during the day so my husband can sleep. It's hard! They are little and they have outbursts! Oh, yeah, and I can never vacuum! Someone is always sleeping when I have time to do it!

6. Laundry. There are like a millions steps to laundry! It NEVER ENDS! first, you gather it, then you sort it, then you put it in the washer, then the dryer, then you fold it, then you put it away... OK so that was only 6 steps, but I have ADHD, how am I supposed to do all that!

7. Trying to clean while my kids are around. It is a waste of my energy. As soon as I pick something up to put it away, it is the most interesting thing is the house and has to come back out.

8. Grocery shopping. Again with the million steps! First you have to figure out what you need, then you load the kids up and go, then you load the kids into the cart, then you go through the store to find everything you need (and if you shop at the same Walmart I do, they are ALWAYS out of the most important thing on your list), load the groceries on the checkout, then load them back into your cart, then load them into your car, then take them from the car to the house, then put them away! Wheww! That is a workout, and I have ADHD all over again!

9. When I am waiting to turn left and I slightly inch forward, and the person who is turning right coming toward me freaks out and stops, NOW WE BOTH CAN'T GO! you have the right of way, JUST GO!

10. I don't get to go to the movies very often, so I'll rent all the movies I never got to go to. Well, there will be a funny movie preview, it's PG-13, so i rent it, and the UNRATED VERSION shows up. I did not pay attention to this and this movie is supposed to be PG-13, and suddenly I am watching porn! What the heck!? And you can't even get the theater version! SO ANNOYING! A movie that would have totally been funny without all the nekedness, ruined!

11. When other people's kids' poop on me(It happened today!). My own kids poop is gross enough, but for some reason, someone else's kid is a million times worse!

12. When we are getting ready for church and my husband wanders in wondering why I am not ready! Hello! I have to get 3 people ready and pack a bag of things and treats to keep 2 of them occupied for 3 hours, all while he gets 1 person ready. Getting the kiddos ready is not what bugs me, it's the "why aren't you ready yet?" BECAUSE I DIDN'T GET ANY HELP!

13. So I told Zach he was getting a little bit of a gut. Rude of me, I know. But he starts working out more and cuts back a little on the MT DEW. Only has some when he works all night. In 2 weeks he's lost 10 lbs and looks great... I totally diet and go nuts working out, and my boobs shrivel up and die, but my butt is still the size of Texas (and that is being rude to TX)! Why is life so unfair?!

14. I always get behind the person at Walmart who is price-matching EVERYTHING in her cart! Seriously, warn me! I'll go wait in the other of the only 2 lines open.

Ok, so there are lots more things that bug me but I think I have been a whiner long enough... really, life is good, and I don't have anything real to complain about.


Carrie said...

you are hillarious!! I love #11 cross your fingers there will be no poop tomorrow at my house!

elisha and brett said...

That is hilarious! I have those days where EVERYTHING annoys me! (I should warn people on those days) I was so sad when I heard about Catherine's husband. How is she doing? Tell her hello from us. Unfortunately, we won't be able to go to the reunion. But those of you who go...have fun!!

mandy said...

Sheri, that was the best! Absolutely Hilarious! I totally agree with our husbands being able to lose 10 lbs over night-not fair. And the saggy boobs...or lack of after nursing 3 sugery fund started a while ago.

tcandland said...

I know how you feel. Just be glad you have boobs, even if they do sag, because mine are non-existent!

Annie & Doug said...

Very funny. If I was your therepist I would tell you to now write a list of things that you love and post it in a place where you will read it often and try and focus on those things! :)

ps, if you hate the word verification line- turn it off on your blog. Mine does not have it for that "hateful" reason. Surprisingly, I get quite a few wrong!

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Ok, I had no idea you and I were so alike! Except for the fact that I have NO boobs, so nothing to sag. =(

Matt and Brianna said...

Hey Sheri
Your blog has that long line of letters too :) (incase you didn't know). It's so people can't put spam coments on your blog. I had a friend that they did this and she clicked on their comment to see who it was and it gave her computer a virus!!!! So, never open a comment from someone you don't know!

As for EVERYTHING else, I totally agree with you!! Especially grocery shopping!! I hate it!! It's too much of a hassle. Matt loves it and ALWAYS wants to go. And then it's even MORE annoying cause he likes to look and EVERYTHING!!! ARGHH!

Anyway, love ya, you make me laugh!!!

TC Jolley said...

HAHA! That was awesome! I'm with you on the laundry bit... as soon as I've done the 6 steps it's time to start all over again because it takes me 3 days and then everything is dirty again... grrrrr! Again, that made my morning!

Erin said...

Hey Sheri found your blog through someone else and I have to say this post was way too funny! I am sure we have all felt the same on at least one (if not all) of those things. Way to put it all down in writing...probably very theraputic.

shabbyscrapper said...

ok...i totally agree about the word string thing. can't a spammer just copy the letters like the rest of us? i honestly don't get it!

and the getting ready for church thing. richard used to say the same thing to me. EVERY sunday, "why are you always the last one in the car?"

"hello, because i am getting six people ready and you are only getting one person ready."

"then don't worry about anyone but yourself and let everyone else get themselves ready."

so one week, i woke up and got ready and sat in the car...waiting. i did not wake ANYONE else up. i did not help ANYONE else get ready. needless to say, we were late. and richard wanted to know why i didn't wake him up...or help anyone else get ready!

i said, "you told me not to worry about anyone else. so i didn't!"

"well you could have warned me first."

"why should i? you told me not to worry about anyone else...."

he got the point and never bugged me about being "the last one in the car" again. he still didn't help, but at least he didn't say anything more about it!
hang in there! someday you really won't have to do it all yourself. the kids will be big enough to do it themselves!

Alifinale said...

Ok, this is hilarious! Especially since you have word verification on your nerd! I hate word verification and I so hear ya on just about all the rest. You crack me up!

Auburn said...

OK - that's just funny. And the best part is that to post this comment I have to type in a string of letters. My favorite is you telling your husband he has a guy and him dropping weight like nobody's business. Wouldn't that be nice? I have a husband who hardly ever eats, hence the string bean figure he keeps. Next time he home teaches you, feel free to offer him some food, perhaps something with some crisco in it.

Price Family said...

Sheri you are funny!!! All of those are soooo true!! I love the laundry and the getting ready for church thing!! Why doesnt anyone ever help the MOM!!! =)

The Whitmore Family said...

Seriously, why don't they have a "Price Matchers Only" line at WalMart? Oh yeah, they'd have to have someone working in that line. Another thing to add on your list, grocery stores that build 25 registers but only staff 2 of them!