Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sometimes, he's so stinkin' cute.... And sometimes, he's just a stinker!!!

I took the kids out to Manzanita to watch the sprint car races. They loved it! This is I think my favorite picture of Ava and Lily being sweet!
Brody havin a ball at Makutu's Island...

I'd have taken some pictures of Ava, but I didn't see her the whole time!

Brody's world is full of frustration right now! The kid thinks he can do everything all by himself, and when he can't, he has to throw a fit. Or if you try to help him, he throws a fit! It's driving me bonkers. It is a good thing he is so cute! He hates getting in the car all of a sudden, and arches his back when I try to buckle him in. Seriously, makes me nuts!

I need to remember to blog more often. Since I discovered Facebook, blogging has taken a backseat because FB is so much easier! But then I remember that this is kind of my journal/scrapbook, so I need to do better!!!
Lately, Brody has been talking, a lot. I can't understand most of it, but here is what I have interpreted so I won't forget...
gogobba-grasshopper (that's my new favorite, thanks, Dad!)
whe-de-go?-where did he go? (when the deacon passed by us with the sacrament)

Ava booty shakin' between races! Funny.


Carrie said...

You guys have been busy...I love that you wrote down words Brody is saying...all too soon we forget the cute things they use to say! :o)

Annie said...

Oh the independent stage! Is there an end to it?? I had no idea how fun the talking stage is. It gives me plenty of reasons to laugh everyday!

Camille Gould said...

Sheri, you're such a good mom! You're kids are lucky to have you! You're so fun!